If you plan to visit the Corbières you will need a place to stay. You will find a good variety of places throughout the region. Here I will give you an idea of what is available to help you decide what type of accommodation you would like.

If you have high standards or are looking for luxury, the city of Narbonne has several hotels that will meet your needs. If you would like to be away from the cosmopolitan bustle of Narbonne, you can travel about 15 minutes to stay at Le Relais du Val d’Orbieu. This 3-star hotel, centrally located to many of the Corbières vineyards, has well-appointed rooms on a large parcel of wooded grounds.

For a scaled-back but still nice stay, there are many country hotels across the area. The different terroirs will have a variety of accommodations that you can choose from based on scenery, proximity to attractions, or anything else you may desire for a perfect holiday.

There are inns, typically known as Auberges, and Bed and Breakfasts – chambres d’hôtes – throughout the region. These places will give you more exposure to locals and are great for those interested in learning more about the culture, cuisine, and sights of your holiday destination. For example, some bed and breakfast hosts invite the guests to join them for the main meal of the day. This is known as Table d’hôtes, and it is a truly lovely experience.

If you want to stay somewhere and feel like a real native, you may try one of the many gîtes, a furnished apartment or vacation home. Overseen by Gîtes de France, the organization grades each place on a scale of one to four épis, or ears of corn, to help you choose the accommodation that is right for your needs. A gîte with one ear of corn usually will give you access to a fridge and the ability to cook food. Alternately, a gîte with the highest rating of four likely has a garden or yard, and many more appliances. Usually there will be a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, televisions, and a laundry room. It is said that the best gîtes can be found in Mouthoumet.

An alternative option that might appeal to you, especially in the summer months, is camping. Camping is quite popular in France, making most camp grounds surprisingly well-equipped. Some large sites have amenities like bars and shops within them. Camping is an especially good option for those hoping to be near the coast, however these are the sites that fill quickly. Be sure to plan ahead! Camping in areas that are not designated campsites is not a good idea. The arid climate creates a very real fire risk, and the locals take these threats seriously.
A travel agent familiar with the area is the best way to find something that will be perfectly suited for your needs. I hope you find your stay a pleasurable one and return for years to come.

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