I am an oenophile or a connoisseur of the fruit of the grape. Wine is my passion. I truly enjoy all aspects of wine, from the grapes growing in the sun to the pressing of the fruit, right through the fermenting process. On a trip to the Corbières region, I fell in love with its sandy beaches, beautiful blue sky, and its superior red wines. I spent many an enjoyable July day relaxing by the water, and my evenings dining and sampling some of the best regional wines. I want to revisit and learn more about this important wine region of southern France. In this blog I will share my experience with you.

Corbieres is an “appellation,” or name of the famous Languedoc-Roussillon wine country. The area is productive and turns out extraordinary red, rose, and white vintages. The red right now are receiving the most critical attention for the rich, herb-scented flavor. The grapes are famous in the region: Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah, and Carignan. Check your wine list the next time you are in a fine restaurant. The wines of France are well respected and Corbieres stands out in my mind. It is not a huge area, covering 37 miles south and west of Narbonne. But as with all the best wines, the land is perfect for grape cultivation given the terrain and climate. I don’t know about you, but I like to know about a wine’s origins. I have been known to search for a map online as I drink. To me, knowledge enhances the gustatory experience.

While luxuriating in this colorful region, a friend and I went on many wine tasting tours that included walking around the vineyards. I loved every minute, but I paid the price. I wasn’t wearing the most comfortable shoes and I certainly regretted it. A long day in the vineyards demands a foot massage right after. There are so many health issues that can be cured, including the ones that are listed here: https://www.highermassage.com/health-issues-can-improved-foot-massage/. I can’t make another step without it, even if I am lured by a reservation at the best restaurant in town. It is so picturesque in Corbieres, wherever you roam, and I was obsessed with taking pictures to post on social media. My hope is to inspire other wine lovers to visit the region. Even if you have been to many foreign wine-growing regions, you will be impressed here.

A foot massage is the savior of many a traveler and if you get a small, portable model that works on batteries, you can take it with you. If you are walking cobblestone streets or trekking through fields, your feet will get tired and sore. Even a mini device can work wonders and provide enough relief to keep you going. It is as important as that tiny electric fan you keep in your purse or the heat pads when it is cold. You can get all these things in any travel shop or the appropriate section of a department store. If I my batteries go dead and I am dying, I have a small wooden dowel that is covered with small spikes. I place it under each foot and proceed to roll. Heaven!

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