There are many things in the Corbières region that will take your breath away. It is an area rich in history and culture, and worth an extended visit. You may come for the wine but you will walk away appreciating so much more about this wonderful area of France. Here you will find a little more detail about this wonderful place.

It is easy to get to, centered halfway between the medieval city of Carcassonne and Narbonne’s lively streets. It has a variety of landscape, from beaches to forest valleys and rocky hillsides. Part of Languedoc, an area known as the “crossroads of Europe,” it has history and a variety of historic culture everywhere you turn. And as a crossroads, it is also accessible from major roads from other places such as Germany or Spain.

While it can get hot in the late spring and summer, closing in at 35°C some days, clouds will roll in and spectacular thunderstorms provide relief from the heat. However, the restaurants in the smaller towns you will encounter will likely have easier to access hours during summer holiday months, especially places nearer to the coast. If you visit outside of popular travel dates, you may need to stick to larger cities. However, the more north you travel, the holiday stretches from May through September and you have a little more time to work with.

In winter, you will be happy to note that the weather rarely gets to freezing. Snow is a rarity and, as such, a novelty. A word of caution, however, driving can become difficult. Roads in the Corbières area can be old, and are often dirt or gravel. Even the locals are unused to driving in inclement winter weather and frequently find themselves in ditches.

You can spend your days in churches built in the Roman style or even Cathar castles but you will be always surrounded by natural beauty. The vineyards here look like they have been here forever, nothing grows well but the grapes. And the grapes that grow here, and have been growing here since Roman times, have found their heaven thanks to the aforementioned weather.

There will be many vineyards offering tastings during the heavy tourism periods, it is worth a call-ahead to be sure that they will be properly staffed to assist you if you are looking for a tasting or a tour.

You will feel like you are in another time or another world in Corbières. A place that is more fun and yet more peaceful, more traditional and yet brimming with life, proud of the past and yet striving for the future. Spend time admiring the architecture and history, the culture and its people. Explore the robust wines, enjoy the cuisine, lounge on the coast, and be sure to enjoy all that Corbières has to offer.

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