Let’s talk about wine. Forget Napa and Sonoma and all other wine-growing regions of the U.S. Corbières, France is the spot. Get on board with this best of the best locations for wine production. It is at the top of the list of the oenophile’s choices, especially for their fabulous red. The rosé isn’t bad either, not to mention the white. When it comes to fine wine, France is still the Queen. The climate is perfect to grow the world-renown grapes. The soil is the perfect receptacle for the vines. I spend as much time here as I can on vacations with other wine connoisseurs from all parts of the globe.

Sometimes I overindulge in the food and drink of the region. It is so mouth-watering and you can’t find it back home. Fine dining can pack on the pounds and sooner or later you have to take action. You have several choices. You can stop your intake or at least reduce it a lot. You can leave the area and leave the temptation behind. No, they do not provide fat-free meals in gourmet land. I don’t think there are many gyms nearby in the countryside, at least they are not in any travel guide. If I stay for a long time, I request a rebounder in my hotel suite. This is not always easy, but with the new popularity of small portable trampolines, it is becoming a possibility. For years I had to make due with long walks and a bit of stretching on the outdoor patio, the one with the stellar views. I throw a ball to a friend, do some lunges, and lift weights until I feel a burn. There is a bicycle at the inn and it is a wonderful change of pace and you can explore the fields and sights. Stop at a vineyard for a wine tasting and a few crackers with cheese. Don’t go too far, however, if you are on a campaign to lose weight.

When I first started to read rebounder reviews and exercise guides online, I had no idea how effective it would be. If I stuck to it on a regular basis and jumped for at least thirty minutes, I would sweat and eventually show weight loss. It has been the perfect answer to my prayers. I can have fun in Corbières and still stay fit. Try it yourself whether you are in France or not! We all tend to overdo it from time to time at home or in a special location. It is amusing and easy on the joints. Combine it with any gym regime for an extra calorie burn.

Given my willingness to jump like a fool, I can enjoy my favorite wine region to my heart’s content. No one wants to kill the fun on a vacation. When I moved the rebounder to the public patio, I found that the other guests gathered around and wanted to take a turn. The hotel may keep the trampoline there long term.

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